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Bret Bogue, Master Grower @ Apothecary Genetics offers basic steps and tips to successfully grow marijuana plants


Bud. We love it, whatever word you use for it – marijuana, cannabis, weed, pot, dope, buddha, ganja, herb. We love to smoke it, vape it, and eat it. It’s good in the morning and at night. And, one of the coolest thing about marijuana is that you can grow it yourself. We wanted to know how to grow it, so we set off in search of some simple grow tips and tricks. And with the help of Apothecary Genetics’ Master Grower Bret Bogue, we’ve come up with a basic starter’s guide for growing your own.


Depending on the laws in your area… growing cannabis is not that difficult. It is a plant, and of course, it wants to grow. In order to thrive, your plants will need light, water, nutrients, air, growing medium, and a certain temperature range. Whether you are growing indoors or outdoors, you will need to make sure that your plants get all of these requirements in order for them to grow and thrive, and most importantly, produce lots of big buds.


Now you may be asking, who is Bret Bogue and what does he know about growing marijuana? Well, Bret Bogue is our friend at Apothecary Genetics, a cannabis seed company that offers Bret’s own strain creations, such as Grape Ape, KAIA Kush, Sour Grapes, Old School Jams, 3-D, and more. And, Bret has won multiple High Times Cannabis Cup Awards.


We asked Bret to keep it simple – for the time being, and to give us a bullet-point list of what it takes to successfully grow your own marijuana plants and get them to properly produce buds.


Here are the basic steps and stages on how to get your plants from seed to harvest:
1) Decide on your grow space – closet, room, tent, etc
2) Decide on your grow media – soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, etc
3) Decide on your light(s) – sun, fluorescent, LED, metal halide, high pressure sodium
4) Determine nutrient schedule and choose supplier
5) Decide on seed / clone supplier
5) Germinate your seeds / plant clones
6) Tend to your plants in their vegetative growth stage
7) Flowering stage – here come the buds
8) Harvest your crop
9) Dry and cure properly
10) Enjoy!


Remember when taking on your first grow project, start small and simple. It’s less expensive, easier to monitor and maintain, and mistakes will be less costly. Most new growers will experience setbacks such as plants dying from disease or pests. Keep your grow area clean – cleanliness is crucial when growing indoors. Make sure you can keep your grow are light-tight, as light leaks can cause them to produce male flowers. And finally, make sure your grow is hidden, you will surely want to conceal your grow so it doesn’t get any unwanted attention.


Bret Bogue

Apothecary Seeds
Bret Bogue, Master Grower @ Apothecary Genetics offers basic steps and tips to successfully growing marijuana plants.
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