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Jamaican Ganja Growers Association to Launch Commercial Council


KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Jamaican Ganja Growers and Producers Association says it is set to establish a commercial council amid concerns about the future development of the Jamaican cannabis industry, the present process and pace for approval for applications, the inclusion and or exclusion of the traditional ganja growers, opening up of space and funding for research and the proposed export policy regulations.


The lobby group says the “Cannabis Commercial Council” will be launched after its fourth Jamaican Ganja Stakeholders Forum, to be held next Sunday in association with applicants to the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA). The group has also extended an invitation to several special interest groups to attend.


The group, in a release this morning, listed the following objectives of the new commercial council:
* to research, develop and formulate policies for the holistic development of the Jamaican cannabis industry to its full potential, in particular pertaining to finance and funding, research, technology, standards and quality control, cultivation, production, processing, manufacturing to include beverages, edibles, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, international relationships and exportation;

* to ensure that the short and long terms economic interests of the traditional and small ganja cultivators are protected and secured, particularly in terms of their economic enabling and empowerment in association with the Ganja Growers and Producers Jamaica;

* to develop a code of ethics and standards for those engaged in the cannabis industry, including a dispute resolution mechanism as a first option before civil litigation;

* to bring together the stakeholders in the cannabis space to form an advisory council to the Government of Jamaica, the CLA and other organizations with a vested interest;

* and to advocate a system for timely processing, efficiency and transparency in the application approval process and to see that there is an acceptable code of ethics for those responsible for the approval of applications.

The CLA recently disclosed that it had issued two ganja licences to Epican and Everyting Oily, a tier one cultivator and a tier one processor, respectively.


Jamaican Ganja

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